Saturday, March 01, 2008

Playing catch up

Did you think I'd been doing nothing knitting wise recently, perhaps I've been knitting a jumper?


I think I have to admit that socks are definitely an addiction, one which I appear to have. Despite saying this year was for knitting other, even bigger, things I have already knit 5 pairs two of which were more than one colour. Have to say I prefer a pattern rather than multi coloured knitting.

The first two are Beaded Rib, Toe-up. I have now knit 4 pairs of Toe-up socks from patterns written by Diane and the way they are written make it very easy.

Posh Yarn Helena, colour Crisp. Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop, colour Mustang Sally, this was quite a different yarn to knit with as it is handspun and a first for me but I like how they turned out.

Next Karenina Socks, pattern by Jane, from The Socktopus Sock Club. These are knit in The Knittery Merino which is a bit splitty but still very nice to knit with. Sadly I think they will need more than blocking for them to fit me. This is where tension is important!

Finally, one of my favourite knits to date, Evolution Rib Socks in Black Cherry. The pattern has been devised by Gilraen and works perfectly with the yarn which doesn't have a lot of elasticity. I have another colour in this yarn which will be cast on very soon.

After knitting so many pairs of socks I have experienced most types of DPN's, Boyes, Britanny birch, Knit Picks metal, Clover, Crystal Palace and Inox. Bottom of the list are Inox, I like 5" needles ideally, followed by Knit Picks these manage to provide me with many wounds. My favourite are Lantern Moon Ebony Sox Stix and as luck would have it they are soon to be adding a 2.5mm to their range. The very, very nice lady at Loop is going to let me know when they arrive, that will be a long lunch.

Enjoy our weekend, I'm hoping there's a delivery of Merino today for me to start some Mitts.


Liz said...

Wow, you are a sock machine!!!! I thought I recognised the red stripey ones! Great work.

picperfic said...

I am in a toe-up mood right now...socks are so addictive aren't they? I love the yarn in the firstphoto..

gilraen said...

Well done you!!! I know what you mean about the knittery ones, I think my niece will be about the right size for these, my tension on these is way too tight. :)

Yours all look fabulous!!

Queen of the froggers said...

Great socks, I always like knitting the first one! I have my merino for the mitts but am going to have to finish other stuff first!

daisie said...

What a wonderful batch of inspiration! I have been trying various toe-ups and have got very confused. The beaded rib from Diane looks like it might be possible even for me! so Thank You!

dreamcatcher said...

What wonderful socks! Your Midwest Moonlight looks lovely too.