Monday, December 31, 2007


No resolutions this year and certainly no challenges, although I didn't do too bad with last years.

Instead a list of things I wish to master.

  1. Crochet (yes that was on 2007 list)

  2. Spinning (there are alot of enablers out there)

  3. Colourwork

Patterns I have on my list are

  1. Kyla - to finish. One picture with the flash and one without. Using Yarn Yard Glove Club yarn. I'm quite pleased as these are the first 4 ply mitts I have done, still 1 to go.

  2. These Mitts are a must although I may loose my sanity with them.

  3. Lots from here

  4. AND

  5. Many more (a whole folder full, plus books, plus the Internet. I think I may be kept busy!)

Happy, Happy New Year to all of you.

It would be nice to think I may get a chance to actually meet some of you in 2008.

Sunday, December 30, 2007


As we were in York my photographer was killing time whilst I had my hair made presentable.

Strangely when I had presents to wrap there was another distraction, you may be interested!

I didn't manage alot of knitting but this is the WIP, Chevron scarf from Last Minute knitted Gifts. It is wrapped round a very nice Christmas card by Piglottie productions. I have been lucky enough to "meet" some very nice people through this blog some of whom I hope I can call friends.

2008 has to be the year I catch up with my book backlog or we will be buried under it! These are just the Christmas ones.

But my "favouritist" present was this. A child at heart that's me, is it bad that people know that?

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sock it to Me supplies

These are the ones I can remember with some pattern links thrown in.

Cherry Tree Hill
Colinette Jitterbug
Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (Bedsocks)
Fyberspates BFL
Fyberspates Alpaca
HipKnits Aran (Bedsocks)
Hipknits Merino
Hobbledehoy Merino.
Lana Grossa Fantasy
Natural Dye Studio BFL
Piece of Beauty Sock (discontinued)
Posh Yarn Lucia
Posh Yarn Helena
Posh Yarn Laura
Posh Yarn Emily
Regia Bamboo
Schoeller & Stahl Fortissima
Socks That Rock Lightweight Sock
Sweet Georgia Handpainted Sock
The Yarn Yard Merino
The Yarn Yard Merino Tencel
The Yarn Yard Sock Yarn
Violet Green Socrates

Monkey – January
Posh Yarn Cable rib – January/February

Jaywalker – July and February
Razorshell - February
Lichen - February

Cafe Curtains. - March

Central Air - March

Sensational Knitted Socks Baby Cable – March

Hedera – April

Pomatomus – May
Fybrespates Basic sock – May

Broadripple 4 ply - June
Crew Socks from Interweave Knits Summer 2007 edition – June
Colinette Jitterbug basic sock – July and June

Diamond Lace Socks - July

Vog On – August
Nasturtium - August
Cornish Scallop Socks – August

Broadripple DK - September
Seduction socks – September
Helter Skelter – September

Meida socks from Interweave Knits Favourite Socks. Page 69 - October
Bedsocks from Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere – October
Kaibashira - October

Waving Lace from Interweave Knits Favourite Socks - November
Picot Edged – November and December

Titanias Revenge - December


It would be both impossible and unfair to choose but some stars deserve a mention.
Jane - what a clever lady, I still have 3 of your patterns to knit up.
Natalie Mrs Yarn Yard - beautiful colours and excellent service.
Posh Yarns - such variety.
Cookie A whose patterns I have both enjoyed and hated at times but are very well written.
Both Knitty and Magknits are very good pattern sources, my bulging folder bears testement to that.

Finally, I may be the only one, but I have decided that I don't like Socks That Rock.......thats probably alienated you all. The colours are fabulous but for some strange reason (and you should know how strange I am by now) I don't like knitting with it.

Nice to have known you all!

Sock it to Me - December 2007 The END

This months offerings are Picot edged socks in Sweet Georgia Black Orchid.

Titania's Revenge in Socks That Rock Lightweight Lagoon, very difficult to photograph. This is not a pattern for the feint hearted, it takes far too much concentration for my liking.

A close up of the mock cable that winds round from the heel flap to the toe!

So a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders, I have finished my sock challenge. 41 pairs in 12 months (almost 3.5 pairs a month), I do have enough sock yarn to knit 3 more years worth I think! First a rest, although for train travel I think I will have to resort back to socks although there won't be any deadlines to meet. Also I received 2 copies of this for Christmas and it would be rude not to try some of the designs out.

I have also joined the Socktopus Sock Club and the first parcel arrived just before we departed for the North. Its looking like money well spent.

Will be adding a huge list of patterns etc. when I can.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Signing Off

A Very Happy Christmas.

I hope you all have a relaxing time.

Back for New Year.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Two Weeks to Go

I think I have finished the present knitting, don't anyone dare remind me if I haven't!

Forest Canopy in Yarn Yard Sock Yarn. Do I really have to give it away?

Schaeffer Elaine.

Can't say too much about this but I am impressed at how it transformed what was a gloomy looking skein of yarn. I'd like to keep this too!

I also finished my Clapotis, which I think may be needed in the frozen North over Christmas, and the Cable and Lace scarf which is just awaiting an attack from the iron.

Not much housework but that's what happens when your birthday is in December, you can't dust because of Birthday cards and they then get replaced by Christmas cards......result. We'll be knee deep by January 6th.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Busy day in the Smoke

I travel to London for work 3 days a week, it used to be 5. So you can imagine that we don't like going up there on our days off. However if we have to we like to make a full day of it.

On Thursday we had our trip to the British Museum booked.

As it was for 16:30 it was dark outside, these pictures are of the outside of the Museum Reading Room which has been commandeered for the Exhibition. This is fabulous in itself especially when its lit up. If you get chance go, I can't show you any photos because cameras are banned but its well worth a visit.

Prior to this, even though it was precipitating heavily most of the time we fitted in a visit to Tate Modern to investigate the Crack in the Floor. That's art for you!

AND St Pancras International, yes, I know its a Station and therefore has trains. Its an occupational hazard. The place is unbelievable compared to what it had become in recent years.

Most importantly Europe's longest Champagne Bar on the upper level behind and beside the Tree. Doing a roaring trade, well we did have to rest our feet and it is Christmas.

Boy did these ache.

Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Birthday bits

Thanks for the Good Wishes. Knitters are such nice sorts.

Saturday was my Birthday, the first day of Advent (Calendars). I say this because I think that's why I think December 1st a good day to have a Birthday, its a childhood thing!

Have I ever mentioned I like bags, all the time my husband says as they follow the wool stash out of cupboards.
He didn't fail me.
Waterproof and big enough for a larger project than a sock.

I have very big ideas of making up a sock pattern for myself, next year of course. For this of course you require yarn......I was very lucky to grab some of the Sock Hop from Crown Mountain Farms in their last sale.

From Left to Right, Mustang Sally, I Believe in Magic and Crazy Love.

Sock it to me - November 2007

Plain Picot edged
Yarn: Violet Green Socrates.

Waving Lace (Interweave Knits Favourite Socks)
Yarn : Posh Lucia (Watermelon)

So I am up to 39, you wouldn't think it a problem to reach 40. However I give you Titanias Revenge.

These could well be my undoing!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Another one

So thats another Birthday been and gone, now for Christmas.
There is one person who is so glad he is at work today!
I am very sad but I love December.

Friday, November 30, 2007


Our social calendar has been quite full this week, more next week aswell. Most unusual for December in Yorkie land.

So my knitting has been confined to trains and therefore socks, just for a change. Recently I have been asked on 3 separate occasions what I was knitting. once by a 5ish year old, once by the Turkish gentleman train guard and once by a Spanish chap. Both men said they liked to see sock knitting because their mothers used to do it. Wonders will never cease.

Forest Canopy

Yarn: Yarn Yard Sock club.

So the Christmas knitting has slowed somewhat, I don't think this was helped by the fact that I've almost knit myself 3 scarves in the meantime.

Debbie Bliss Cable and Lace scarf from Pure Cashmere.
Yarn: Wensleydale Longwool Aran

What I am itching to do is mitts, not gloves because the fingers drive me mad.
This is not helped by this gorgeous arrival.
Yarn Yard Glove club yarn, just delicious.

Finally here's a giggle for you, my Camper shoes bought from the outlet in Majorca. Don't know why they were reduced. There are many theories mainly regarding the tadpoles. I will say no more and hope none of you understand this or you will stop reading my blog!

Out to lunch at The Grand (Eastbourne) tomorrow.

Have a lovely Christmas shopping free weekend.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Peak Week

Lots of pictures to bore you!

Snow fell in the village, but we'd already done some shopping at the potteries. And found the stash of coal for the Pyromaniac to hone his fire building skills.

Whilst aforementioned Pyromaniac entertained himself looking for quarries and trains, better not ask, we were dispatched to Manchester for the Day. First hiccup was cancelled train but I have travelled by train too long to let that affect me.

Christmas Market around the Town Hall, don't you think inflated Santa looks like a Simpson character?
Ben Sherman thought a window of wobbling Turkey was festive, we agreed although you can't get the wobble on a photo!

I rather liked the look of this among all the modern architecture. We then wandered the Food Hall of Selfridges BUT did not invest in either of these. Although the Gin would have been welcome to steady my nerves among the crowds.

I did my bit of spotting on the way home, not usually trains but I happened to have my camera handy. Eddie saves my sanity on any journey we do North as I am not a good passenger on busy roads.

Panic ye not I haven't joined the other side, there will be knitting again.