Sunday, October 29, 2006

Black Shimmer Scarves

Have been somewhat delayed with my own productions this week by an order for yet another Black Shimmer Scarf, possibly the fact that these Ladies work in The City controls the colours they choose? A bagful of other scarves knit earlier this year by myself and SIL have been dispatched to a very good saleslady who has a stall in her office on Wednesday, watch this space for more Black.....Our worry is part of this lot is a corkscrew scarf and they may all want Black versions!

Question? What do you use your unopened bags of pasta and sugar for. Answer.

These are my Booga Bags drying, again for presents so I won't show the completed versions. The Noro (striped one) felted nicely but the small one was in Rowan Kid Classic and was a little over zelous so took alot of persuading apart. The link for the small version is here.

Anyway onto something I have completed for myself and am very happy with, my Turquoise Blue Sky Alpaca scarf. It sits very nicely in the neck of jackets. So having rather a large stash of sock yarns I have started another one which I can't say too much about til after Christmas.
The wool is so soft to wear and knit with, I have had to invest in some dark brown aswell which may well be the same scarf but with a blue stripe before the ruffle, mainly because I forgot I'd bought 4 of the blue and only bought 3 of the brown.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Birthdays, Weekends and lots of piccies

Lots of pictures which I hope relieve the boredom of reading what we've done this weekend.

Saturday started gloomy so we took ourselves off to The Real Eating Company for Breakfast or Brunch by the time we arrived, delicious. Followed by a very leaden walk, due to over indulgence, through the heaving shopping areas of commercial Brighton. Finished a few Christmas presents one of which involved venturing into Game, made us feel geriatric. Our goal was the cinema which meant we had time to walk along the beach viewing the sorry sight of the West Pier and the garish Brighton (Palace) Pier aswell as waves crashing on the pebble beach, very refreshing. So to The History Boys, Excellent is the best way to describe it although being a Yorkie I am probably swayed by Alan Bennett offerings but my Sussex husband found it equally as good.

Sunday was spent doing a bit of garden tidying, whilst we were ridding the fence of its hops we found these passion flowers. Not a very common sight in October. As you can see they were victims of our clearing.

Monday was someones Birthday, not mine, so we had a trip to Sheffield Park Garden to see the Autumn colours. Slightly muddy but very busy. The following photos hopefully give you an idea of how it looked when the sun shone.

The Birthday Cake.......Yummy Dalek.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Not Buying -If you believe that.

Monsoon weather in Brighton and Lewes this morning which did mean we were the only personal shoppers in Kangaroo and as promised I did not buy anything, IF only that were true.

I was unable to resist the Handmaiden Rumple in Vintage and Silk Spun in Paris have tried to get the colours to show as vibrant as they are on the pictures.

I also took the opportunity to purchase some River John Birch knitting needles, having appreciated the benefits of Bamboo needles for years I like the new woods that are appearing. They are all well worth the investment.

My dear husband, whose birthday it is on Monday, drove us. I think more to try and control the spending although we did say that too much heckling from the seat in the corner could involve an increase in expenditure. Whilst sat on this "Naughty Chair" he did spot some Denises and asked if I might appreciate them for Christmas, does help having inquisitive husbands. Our 10 year old Nephew found it all too much and retreated to the hallway with his mother's Mobile phone after we promised Cake.

When we did return home the post arrived with even more long awaited goodies Cornelia Tuttle-Hamilton Noro Book 2 and Yarn Forward Magazine, plenty more projects.

Major Moan, despite most companies delivering speedy services I am still awaiting an order from Curious Yarns which I placed 25th September. I am trying to be patient and charitable but I do think it is getting near its end, there don't seem to be many more contact options as I have already sent numerous e-mails. So I just have to keep trying.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Picot Tops

Finally I have cast on a pair of socks for myself with some beautiful yarn from Piece of Beauty. The colourway I am using is Old School which is described as Magenta and Brown but is much more vivid and fine by me. It has a beautiful sheen and is lovely to knit with although as my husband says I'm knitting with cocktail sticks! 2.25mm instead of my usual 2.5mm. The Picot edge is almost perfect but for a first attempt I am happy with it.

Needless to say I still have numerous projects to finish......Twilleys cardigan, Kidsilk Haze Lace scarf, Louisa Harding gloves (SIL's christmas pressie-I think), Blue Sky Alpaca scarf and a huge stash.
Have just ordered some delicious pink sock yarn from The Yarn Yard £1 from every purchase is being donated to Breast Cancer Care so a good cause benefits aswell as me.
Trip to Kangaroo on Friday pending........but of course I won't be buying anything!
Despite promises I managed to knit very little during Strictly Come Dancing or Jane Eyre. What a fantastic Drama that has been, knitting at risk of water damage at times but then I am a softie, talking about Jane Eyre of course!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

On and off the Needles

This is my first Lace project, in Rowan Kidsilk Haze. The scarf pattern was free with a purchase of the wool in John Lewis, Edinburgh. I am using metal needles which with hindsight are too slippery but I will persevere as hopefully I can control 38 stitches.

First Booga Bag ready for felting, the colours are bright even for me but I live in hope of some fading. Have yet to attempt the i-cord which of course I haven't got the right size DPNS.

My Strictly Come Dancing easy knit is Mac and Me in this very vibrant Turquoise Blue Sky Alpaca. Something I hope won't mean me missing any of the action!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Finally I have finished the Black scarf order, only 2 and they haven't taken that long. It just seems that way because they have stopped me from knitting up the lovely wools that I have recently acquired.

Have now started my first, very small, lace project in a very soft blue KSH, 1 ball 4 rows of pattern and I think I can just manage. Next on the list will be a Booga Bag, and the rest of my Christmas knits. Perhaps I'll sneak in a pair of picot edged socks in this beautiful wool I got from Piece of Beauty. 2 lots are for my birthday therfore out of bounds but the magenta and brown striped ones on the right is all mine.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

Have sneaked a few minutes away from the dreaded black scarves and finished the back of another WIP. This is a Sirdar pattern which is wrap style and is knit in K4, P4 rib. I am using Twilleys Freedom Spirit in Force colourway. Very pleased with results so far although I think blocking will help it fit! Most of this was done whilst watching my favourite winter easy viewing programme, which some other members of the family get very excited over, Strictly Come Dancing.

Now for the Beetroot cake results. It tastes very nice is moist and was even better with the addition of tangy lemon icing!

Another thing I have been doing to avoid scarves and to give my arms arrest is making, well in advance, mens birthday cards. Another pet hate mainly because I prefer bright colours and usually pinks which for obvious reasons most men don't. I am happy with the results and will stick to this design for as long as I can, which knowing most mens powers of observation should keep me going a long time.

Can't avoid it any longer DUSTING. Need I say more.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

WIP and Beetroot!

WIP a pair of plain socks for my sister for Christmas. The wool is from the Natural Dye Studio, very subdued colours for me! I have knitted a small Booga type Bag to put them in.

Today, however, I have been forced into knitting yet more plain black scarves in Sirdar Shimmer. They got me back into knitting last winter but I am now up to speed and would prefer to be knitting some socks for me and lots of warm cardigans/jackets for winter. Good job the sun is shining.

We have a delivery of Organic Vegetables once a fortnight from Riverford Organics which usually holds a challenging vegetable of some description. The comment yesterday was it looks like a Green Cauliflower but the inside is like the moons surface.......Husbands. That one will have to wait for another day. From the last delivery we had some Beetroot which I like, usually Pickled, but this morning I took up the challenge and we have Beetroot Cake cooling, will reveal the details tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Noro Blossom Bag

This is my first uploaded photo and my first knit in Noro! First Blog entry aswell but this site is still very much in its embryonic stages.

Noro Blossom bag


Test message. More interesting waffle to follow.