Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Birthdays, Weekends and lots of piccies

Lots of pictures which I hope relieve the boredom of reading what we've done this weekend.

Saturday started gloomy so we took ourselves off to The Real Eating Company for Breakfast or Brunch by the time we arrived, delicious. Followed by a very leaden walk, due to over indulgence, through the heaving shopping areas of commercial Brighton. Finished a few Christmas presents one of which involved venturing into Game, made us feel geriatric. Our goal was the cinema which meant we had time to walk along the beach viewing the sorry sight of the West Pier and the garish Brighton (Palace) Pier aswell as waves crashing on the pebble beach, very refreshing. So to The History Boys, Excellent is the best way to describe it although being a Yorkie I am probably swayed by Alan Bennett offerings but my Sussex husband found it equally as good.

Sunday was spent doing a bit of garden tidying, whilst we were ridding the fence of its hops we found these passion flowers. Not a very common sight in October. As you can see they were victims of our clearing.

Monday was someones Birthday, not mine, so we had a trip to Sheffield Park Garden to see the Autumn colours. Slightly muddy but very busy. The following photos hopefully give you an idea of how it looked when the sun shone.

The Birthday Cake.......Yummy Dalek.

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