Sunday, October 29, 2006

Black Shimmer Scarves

Have been somewhat delayed with my own productions this week by an order for yet another Black Shimmer Scarf, possibly the fact that these Ladies work in The City controls the colours they choose? A bagful of other scarves knit earlier this year by myself and SIL have been dispatched to a very good saleslady who has a stall in her office on Wednesday, watch this space for more Black.....Our worry is part of this lot is a corkscrew scarf and they may all want Black versions!

Question? What do you use your unopened bags of pasta and sugar for. Answer.

These are my Booga Bags drying, again for presents so I won't show the completed versions. The Noro (striped one) felted nicely but the small one was in Rowan Kid Classic and was a little over zelous so took alot of persuading apart. The link for the small version is here.

Anyway onto something I have completed for myself and am very happy with, my Turquoise Blue Sky Alpaca scarf. It sits very nicely in the neck of jackets. So having rather a large stash of sock yarns I have started another one which I can't say too much about til after Christmas.
The wool is so soft to wear and knit with, I have had to invest in some dark brown aswell which may well be the same scarf but with a blue stripe before the ruffle, mainly because I forgot I'd bought 4 of the blue and only bought 3 of the brown.

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