Sunday, October 08, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

Have sneaked a few minutes away from the dreaded black scarves and finished the back of another WIP. This is a Sirdar pattern which is wrap style and is knit in K4, P4 rib. I am using Twilleys Freedom Spirit in Force colourway. Very pleased with results so far although I think blocking will help it fit! Most of this was done whilst watching my favourite winter easy viewing programme, which some other members of the family get very excited over, Strictly Come Dancing.

Now for the Beetroot cake results. It tastes very nice is moist and was even better with the addition of tangy lemon icing!

Another thing I have been doing to avoid scarves and to give my arms arrest is making, well in advance, mens birthday cards. Another pet hate mainly because I prefer bright colours and usually pinks which for obvious reasons most men don't. I am happy with the results and will stick to this design for as long as I can, which knowing most mens powers of observation should keep me going a long time.

Can't avoid it any longer DUSTING. Need I say more.

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