Monday, April 30, 2007


It looks alot when it all arrives at once, especially as I wasn't the one to open the door to it....

This is the sock yarn that slipped into the Dye kit order

And this is the Etsy purchase, my favourite by far but then I do like Pink and Green. Included was a little extra aswell.

Have tried out my Kool-Aid dye kit today, don't like the way it looks at the moment but will reserve judgement until it is wound into a ball.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

I'm Back

Have had a week in Majorca with no computer access and have missed catching up on all the gossip. I took my knitting but didn't fare very well because 30 degrees just drains me. So this month I may, or may not get a pair of socks knit. Will take the Spanish view, Manana. Its good to catch up with blog land.
Pictures are of Soller and Port Soller, we could have leaned off the tram to the port to pick Oranges and Lemons. The perfume from Orange blossom was all around.
Post wise, there wasn't the deliveries I was expecting, just Amazon and a note to say the sorting office has a parcel.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry

I am getting restless, lots on order and it can't arrive quick enough for me. With new suppliers I get a little nervous as still haven't had a wool order from last September.....but they took the money of course. Others are so reliable you can almost guarantee a delivery date. I love receiving packages by post, a much more relaxed shopping experience.

Fyberspates Sock club.


Hello Yarn Acid Dye Kit and a little skein of sock wool!

and something from Etsy .

The new Harry Potter but that's not due out til July, can you believe how early certain places wanted to take your deposit.
One that did get through and in under a week, a couple of back issues of Interweave knits.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Not alot to report on this week, work isn't good material! So I thought I'd record my current works in progress, not the ones that are buried in my work bag. Sock work has been slow but I have had an enjoyable time playing with lace. What socks I have started are patterns by the supremo Cookie A. Her patterns are so satisfying to knit and very clearly written.

Hedera ( this is the second, can't give too much away) in Posh Yarns sock Club yarn.
The lovely Ella in Lornas Laces Black Purl. I am almost up to where the shoulders divide.
A close up of the pattern.

Last but not least a pattern some of you may recognise, its one I have had on my pile for a while awaiting the right yarn as they appear to take more than most socks. Pomatomus in Lornas Laces Lakeview.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Don't watch this watch that

I aren't sure how many people read my blog but if you haven't already check this site out. A very generous lady helping a deserving cause.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Seasilk and Lace

I have to confess to not advertising all my purchases on this blog, but today's delivery is just whats needed for a sunny day.

Handmaiden Seasilk in Sangria and Mineral
Amy Butler Fabric for more sock bags, including another for me!
Now for my first piece of "big" lace. I am a little behind most of you but have finally knitted a Forest Canopy Shawl, very easy and very fast. There will be more as its a very satisfying knit. Even more so the blocking, I thought I was a little over zealous but its obviously whats needed to open the pattern out. Knitted in Yarn Yard Sock club wool and with 2 extra pattern repeats, I think I could have done one more and then used the contrasting ball for the edging. I am taking l am taking Aprils club yarn with me to Majorca in the hope of another so will test the theory..

And doesn't this look tropical, I had trouble getting it to stay put on anything else.

Friday, April 13, 2007

A little history lesson

Whenever we visit my parents they try and shame us into removing items from the past. Ones which generally we have said we don't need but they feel are too good for charity bags.

This time books were on the agenda and in the same storage place we found a couple of my early knits. I realised Rowans worth when they first started and spent a substantial amount of my money on decent yarn that I had so far been unable to get hold of. A major event in my knitting life was Bobbins opening a shop in York, long gone, selling Rowan and Annabel Fox yarns. Don't know what happened to Annabel Fox.

This is a cardigan I knit at the time from a Rowan Kit, for my sister, I think its almost timeless and certainly has alot of wear left in it. Don't think I'd ever tackle something like this again although once again my poor mother had the sewing up to do. The other cardigan we found is, I think in Annabel Fox chunky and has a pocket on the back. Never been worn, I can't decide whether to rescue the wool or not.
On the book front we didn't find my copy of Pollyanna which was read to me hundreds of times, suppose my Dad will know it off by heart. Did manage to find a Milly, Molly, Mandy and this which brought back alot of memories. I have added a picture of the back cover as this gives you a clue as to the repetitiveness, that children like, of the book and also the educational side of it.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Its in the bag

Far too many pictures to bore you with them all in one go so here's the first installment.

My lovely mother, who did chose the Cowl that we all liked, is very handy with a sewing machine. So as I try to declutter this house of crafty bits (wool doesn't come under this banner). I took her some pieces of fabric and requested travelling knitting bags. Look what she produced, perfect for sock projects, that you may have noticed I have a few, they are also lined with the same fabric. They even stand up by themselves and have a loop to hang on desk drawer knobs!! I thought of putting these on eBAY. Good idea?

Coldspring Mill front and back. The brown back doors with the small step are the entrance to Aladdin's cave......more commonly advertised as the wool cellar. Bus 696 or 697 from Bradford Interchange station or Keighley Bus station. It looks so innocent.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Quick update - I'm back at work - Yuk!

We had a very sunny weekend in York. Too much food and drink but what the heck.

Thursdays expedition to Coldspring Mill was very successful, I could carry all I bought and got some bargains.

490g of Twilleys Freedom Spirit Fire for £14.99


10 balls of Debbie Bliss Soho for £14.99

Also picked up 2 hanks of 100% wool of what appears to be 4ply. This is cream so I may be having a go at dyeing in the near future.

The other half said we could go back in Summer, I think the £2.60 day rover ticket on Keighley and District buses helped although he did flinch a bit when I suggested we hire a car for our next trip.

The day was rounded off with a trip on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, got to keep them sweet!

Lots of pics and more knitting news on Friday.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


This is the moebius I started at the class on Saturday. Pattern suggestion from teacher and row counting from me. Wool, the lovely Posh Yarns Sophia 4 ply Cashmere in Cover. I love it but just know its likely to be the one my mother loves too.

Have a lovely Easter Weekend.

Monday, April 02, 2007

What next?

Well I really am going to have a break from socks this month, or the quantity as they are a useful size on a commuter train and ensure the briefcases give me a wide berth. We are going away for Easter and also have a week in Majorca planned so my knitting time is somewhat reduced.

In readiness I had a blitz with the Wool Winder yesterday.

Forest Canopy Potential
A couple of Posh snuggling up to Lornas Laces Flamingo.
My Black Purl for Ella.
Their new home.

Sock it to Me - March 2007

So despite my predictions I managed 5 pairs this month, one by the skin of my teeth due to train overcrowding on Saturday morning!

Lana Grossa Fantasy plain sock.
Colinette Jitterbug Castagne Cafe Curtains.
Socks that Rock January One Central Air
and finally
Yarn Yard Shelter Charity Yarn in Sensational Knitted Socks Baby Cable.

BUT, what I have to say are my favourite socks to date. Again the Cafe Curtains pattern in Posh Yarns Lucia colourway Serenade. It does show the patterning better with a lighter weight wool.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Stash with pictures

The moebius class was very interesting and useful as my lovely mother had seen someone with a cowl like scarf and decided she liked it. I had the pattern from one of Dee's recommendations and also a skein of Posh Yarn 4 ply Cashmere in Safari. So I tried, then I tried with Cat Bordhi's book and then thankfully I saw this class advertised. Money well spent despite the fact that I cheated and had another go at the cast-on method last Sunday and came up with this.

It is basically a circular cast on with a twist in it, literally. Even more strange is that the cast on is in the middle of the knitting.
The shop is dangerous as it stocks all the hard to find yarns that everyone loves. Brighton is very lacking wool shops and its always nice to see before you buy or at least know what the yarn is like. Despite me predicting that my sensible SIL would restrain me it was she who bought Lornas Laces and Koigu. Although to keep her company I bought Malabrigo Worsted in Velvet grapes for a Candleflame scarf. Koigu for socks and Fleece Artist Sea Cell Sock Yarn in Pinata because I have to try it once, it seems a little thicker than their normal Merino sock. For once I resisted all the lovely pinks but we have plans to return for a Toe up sock class in May.