Friday, April 20, 2007

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry

I am getting restless, lots on order and it can't arrive quick enough for me. With new suppliers I get a little nervous as still haven't had a wool order from last September.....but they took the money of course. Others are so reliable you can almost guarantee a delivery date. I love receiving packages by post, a much more relaxed shopping experience.

Fyberspates Sock club.


Hello Yarn Acid Dye Kit and a little skein of sock wool!

and something from Etsy .

The new Harry Potter but that's not due out til July, can you believe how early certain places wanted to take your deposit.
One that did get through and in under a week, a couple of back issues of Interweave knits.


Yoshimi said...

I was just going to try and contact you and ask if you ever recieved your curious yarns order, or a refund, but I guess yiou answered that in this post. I came across your post from sept. when trying in vein to search for contact details, it's only been a month for me, but I have already escalated it to a claim with pay pal. Somehow doubt I will get my money back, as there seems to be a lot of us in the same position. I will keep my fingers crossed that you never have to deal with a company like that again.


gilraen said...

I see you got your little tin :)

Lovely yarn :)