Friday, April 13, 2007

A little history lesson

Whenever we visit my parents they try and shame us into removing items from the past. Ones which generally we have said we don't need but they feel are too good for charity bags.

This time books were on the agenda and in the same storage place we found a couple of my early knits. I realised Rowans worth when they first started and spent a substantial amount of my money on decent yarn that I had so far been unable to get hold of. A major event in my knitting life was Bobbins opening a shop in York, long gone, selling Rowan and Annabel Fox yarns. Don't know what happened to Annabel Fox.

This is a cardigan I knit at the time from a Rowan Kit, for my sister, I think its almost timeless and certainly has alot of wear left in it. Don't think I'd ever tackle something like this again although once again my poor mother had the sewing up to do. The other cardigan we found is, I think in Annabel Fox chunky and has a pocket on the back. Never been worn, I can't decide whether to rescue the wool or not.
On the book front we didn't find my copy of Pollyanna which was read to me hundreds of times, suppose my Dad will know it off by heart. Did manage to find a Milly, Molly, Mandy and this which brought back alot of memories. I have added a picture of the back cover as this gives you a clue as to the repetitiveness, that children like, of the book and also the educational side of it.

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