Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sock it to me - October 2007

6 Pairs.
1 involving a cable needle
Meida socks from Interweave Knits Favourite Socks. Page 69
Yarn: Posh Yarn Emily
Colour: Latte
An easy knit, much to my surprise.

2 Pairs of Bedsocks for the infirm.

Pattern from Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere.

First Pair knit in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran which was much cheaper and is still very soft. Took 2 complete balls for the Large size.

Second Pair in some bargain Aran I picked up from Hipknits at Ally Pally, these took 4 balls as they were only 25grams.

3 secrets!

Keep your fingers crossed I have escaped Trick or Treaters so Far, the Haribo will be mine.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

8 Weeks

First of the puddings (started steaming at 04:55 this morning), yes, I am mad. I usually use Delias recipe but this year have given this one a try, smells good so far.

A few gifts on the side, the top one was rustled up whilst I watched Rebus very early this morning.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Strictly another scarf

Manos del Uruguay 100% wool

Shade: 6927

Pattern: One Row Handspun Scarf

One day I'll progress to grown up knitting!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Post photos galore!

My work phone rang yesterday and the following conversation was had.

  • The Boss aka Mr Yorkie: You have 4 bags of wool.
  • Innocent me: are you sure?
  • MY: Theres a Blue one, you've had one of those before. Theres one from Cambridge.
  • Me: Thats a Cardigan, it doesn't count.
  • MY: humph, theres one from Yorkshire.
  • Me: Thats a swap, still doesn't count.
  • MY: Oh hang on this last one from Australia isn't wool it says Yarn.
  • Me: See you later Alligator!

Exhibit A. in the Postal saga, posted 15/10 First Class in bonnie Scotland (but not the remote bit!). Yarn Yard Sock Yarn on Blue Jeans and Parfait, delicious. The Blue Jeans is because I thought it might be better to tone down my sock wear for work......not.

Exhibit B. posted 16/10 in Australia, slightly more South than Scotland! The Knittery Warm Pinks Cashmere Merino Sock yarn. This is lovely yarn and $5 for each skein sold will be donated to Breast Cancer organisations. I would have bought it regardless, you may have noticed I'm a sucker for Pinks.
Both arrived yesterday, so that's 11 days from Scotland and 10 from Australia. Is it a wonder Royal Mail are losing business.
Finally a package that was crammed with yarn I had swapped via Ravelry with Piglottie firstly the one I was expecting Sweet Georgia Speed Demon in Black Orchid which is impossible to photograph.

AND a very very nice surprise of Skein Queen Plushness in Foxglove.
This only took 3 days, not bad for 1st class.........what is the point in paying the extra nowadays.
Anyway the arrival of these packages has stopped me filling shopping carts across the net, at least for a few days.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Don't talk to me about post.

I am hoping that we can't open the door tonight because all my lovely parcels have arrived......not holding my breath though. So anyone, and I know of a few, who has sent me a package I will let you know when they eventually emerge from the depths of the Post Office.
Watch this space.
Edited 14:50: Oooops DH has called and there are 4 parcels....1 from East Yorkshire.xx

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Its a secret.

Its very difficult not discussing the project you are working on, especially if you like the yarn or pattern. I am in love with Hand Maiden Seasilk, but don't tell anybody.

My no concentration or some may say Strictly Come Dancing project is the My So Called Scarf which is almost there, may manage completion tonight. The yarn is much softer than I expected and the pattern, despite its simplicity, is very effective although the camera has trouble coping with the colour. It not quite as pink as it looks.

Now what to do with the other 13 skeins

I'm thinking this for some of the green.

Thanks for the sock size comments by some miracle I appear to have got the right size......time will tell.
The SIL bed sock wearer is in a lot less pain after the op but it will be a slow job. Her next op is to remove the socks, I am going to knit more in Pink which she never wears! That'll be a test.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Vital statistics

Piece of Beauty Merino in Old School (sadly this is now discontinued)

I love maths, but since leaving school many, many moons ago I don't have call for any of the fancy stuff.

You may have noticed that I like knitting socks. Size 4 socks or at a push size 3 (thanks Mum). My FIL keeps suggesting I go up to size 11, dream on. DH just moans about the yarn mountain so he won't be getting any size 10's. So far so good. Now I have recently decided to knit for gifts and they all have, by my standards huge feet!

Would someone please tell me how long to knit the foot before the toe shaping for a size 6 and also the overall foot length, please. I commandeered a colleague for the size 7 Bed Socks last week but don't know a size 6 well enough to ask.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Mainly For Kerrie

And they thought it would never be done.

So did I!

How convenient that the previous workshop dropped just enough beads, yes I was the one under the table.
Don't you just know that that button will be required soon.

Forgot to mention the book I acquired from Socktopus, Alice only had 1 copy. Lucky I was early. Haven't opened it yet as it is being stored for December, can't think whats happening then.

Off to see Frankie Boyle tomorrow night with a box of tissues, I know he won't be everyones taste but we find him amusing.

Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Good or Bad

Potentail Flower, knit on a Learning Curve class with Kerrie, that was fun!

Have returned from my solo adventrue. How civilised are knitters, met quite a few people including Kerrie, Jo(who has volunteered to teach me to spin!).

As I predicted Socktopus got the Lions share of my budget, what a brill idea this was. Also bought from Hipknits, Touch Yarns, Fyberspates, Colinette, Aragon Yarns, Kangaroo and Laughing Hens. Some were only needles but I did get yarn aswell in places. If you're going I can recommend newcomers Aragon and Touch Yarns.

HipKnits bargain bag 10 balls of what I think is aran for £10.

Colinette Jitterbug in Dusk and Fire and now with 291 metres.

Touch Yarns 100% Merino DK.

Dream in Colours Smooshy in Cloud Jungle and Blue Lagoon.

Fyberspates Scrumptious DK in Blue Lagoon (notice a theme here).

Off to chill out at Pilates now. What a life I lead!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Defeat is imminant

I think I have to admit defeat about Thursday.
Socktopus is now going and I have filled my shopping cart so many times in recent days that its a foregone conclusion that I will be buying. Crystal Palace DPNs, Dream in Colour Smooshy, Chameleon Colurworks Evolution and Shelridge Farm Ultra look promising already.

All this is in the interest of Market Research of course, I need to test all sock yarns available and DPNs.
Back to casting on 187, yes 187, stitches for a sock! Its only the fourth time.

And for Daisie this is Sarah with her bag attachment.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Good Companions

Just for fun.
This is Frank who bounces along on my rucksack.

Sarah, who gets thrown around on my handbag.

Both of these are very well behaved Monkeys but I am about to introduce another, who looks like he may be trouble!

Tolga, mobile charm.

I'm not one for these sort of things but I do like Kipling Monkeys and they are usually attached to the bags when you buy them anyway. This one was just too cute despite his angry face to leave behind at £3.

Summer Sky challenge today, which involves short rows. Wish me luck.

Friday, October 05, 2007


My So Called Scarf in Manos Del Uruguay, what soft yarn this is.

Thankfully received my guide for Ally Pally before "Sue" and her colleagues joined the picket line. Have marked up the avoiding route so will not be seen at:

Get Knitted
Cherry Tree Hill
The Natural dye Studio
UK Alpacas
21st Century Yarns

You get the idea. Unfortunately there are 2 plans in this guide and I may accidentally use the uncensored version! If you are there I'm the munchkin with the huge rucksack and a very flushed face, don't let me near these stands.

On the Emergency side of things my SIL has finally got a date for her back surgery, Monday, 8th October. So I had to rustle these up rather sharpish. Thankfully Get Knitted didn't fail me, yarn and pattern arrived Wednesday and I finished them this morning.

Debbie Bliss Bed socks from the Pure Cashmere pattern book. I knit them in Cashmerino Aran as the Pure Cashmere would have made them £40! This Duck Egg colour is one of my favourites. Took 2 balls, just, and used 4.5mm needles. Think I may try and copy the pattern into a pair of "normal" socks for me in the Wensleydale wool I got a while back.

Before I neglect my duties, the Macaroni was delicious.

Have a good weekend

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

12 weeks and 1 down

In its entirety it looks good, see Ravelry if you can.

Completed during Nigella last night. Might just have to make some of that Rocky Road.
A Delia special for Dinner. Macaroni Au Gratin

I'm sure it won't look like this but who cares as long as it tastes as good.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Sock it to me - September 2007

Broadripple in Yarn Yard 100% Organic Merino. I love this yarn and it was perfect for this pattern, it is thicker than 4 ply but so soft.

Seduction Socks in Yarn Yard Merino Tencel. Another very nice yarn which has a lovely sheen and would suit shawls and scarves as well.

A close up of the leg detail. As these socks are supposed to be for lounging they look very smart in this yarn.

Fyberspates 100% Alpaca Sock wool. The pattern is Helter Skelter which came with the yarn as part of the sock club. Through no fault of the yarn or the pattern I seriously disliked these socks. Not the knitting of them, that was easy. The first one was finished and I usually try them for size after the toes have been kitchenered. Couldn't get the first one on so I undid the 2.5" of Rib, not advisible. I then knit a rolled cuff on 3.25mm needles. Still they didn't fit.

So there could have been a pair of socks up for grabs!

They looked lovely blocking and I have now tried one on and it does fit although they are now in the present heap.