Friday, October 05, 2007


My So Called Scarf in Manos Del Uruguay, what soft yarn this is.

Thankfully received my guide for Ally Pally before "Sue" and her colleagues joined the picket line. Have marked up the avoiding route so will not be seen at:

Get Knitted
Cherry Tree Hill
The Natural dye Studio
UK Alpacas
21st Century Yarns

You get the idea. Unfortunately there are 2 plans in this guide and I may accidentally use the uncensored version! If you are there I'm the munchkin with the huge rucksack and a very flushed face, don't let me near these stands.

On the Emergency side of things my SIL has finally got a date for her back surgery, Monday, 8th October. So I had to rustle these up rather sharpish. Thankfully Get Knitted didn't fail me, yarn and pattern arrived Wednesday and I finished them this morning.

Debbie Bliss Bed socks from the Pure Cashmere pattern book. I knit them in Cashmerino Aran as the Pure Cashmere would have made them £40! This Duck Egg colour is one of my favourites. Took 2 balls, just, and used 4.5mm needles. Think I may try and copy the pattern into a pair of "normal" socks for me in the Wensleydale wool I got a while back.

Before I neglect my duties, the Macaroni was delicious.

Have a good weekend


Piglottie said...

LOL - Have a wonderful time at Ally Pally (not jealous, no, not at all), am not too hopeful you will avoid the tempting route :) The Manos is looking beautiful knitted up but you are tempting me to start mine and I have to finish my mum's bedsocks (although starting them first would be a good option). Your socks look great, tres comfy.

Heather said...

Beautiful socks! I hope your SILs surgery goes well.

Have a great time at Ally Pally! Embrace the temptation - I'm sure it is good for you really :-)

dreamcatcher said...

Love the socks, they look so comfy. Best wishes for your sister's op.

Enjoy Ally Pally, sounds like an amazing list of stalls ...

Monkee Maker said...

Wow! You are one quick sock knittist!

Good luck for you sil's back surgery .... I've been there so my heart goes out to her :)

And regarding your comment ..... that's a negative, repeat negative. The New Monkey Army are currently on Home Guard .... the troops in Brighton must have been from a different battalion. Remain vigilant at all times though .... splinter groups are forming all over the country - who knows where they could turn up next??

Spinayarn said...

I love the socks - beautiful blue colour too : )

Missmalice said...

Looking forward to meeting you! I knit up the My So Called Scarf in manos del uruguay too - lovely!

Anyways, if there is anything in particular you'd like to see, drop me a note and I'll be sure to bring it to Ally Pally!

Alice (socktopus)

daisie said...

Your list of stalls-to-avoid is most useful! I doubt I will receive post before Thursday so can't do any planning of my own...
If you wear something distinctive I will look out for you and shoo you away from temptation... (or enable and incite) :)