Friday, October 12, 2007

Mainly For Kerrie

And they thought it would never be done.

So did I!

How convenient that the previous workshop dropped just enough beads, yes I was the one under the table.
Don't you just know that that button will be required soon.

Forgot to mention the book I acquired from Socktopus, Alice only had 1 copy. Lucky I was early. Haven't opened it yet as it is being stored for December, can't think whats happening then.

Off to see Frankie Boyle tomorrow night with a box of tissues, I know he won't be everyones taste but we find him amusing.

Enjoy your weekend.


Piglottie said...

Ali gave a good review of this book (Put a sock in it blog). Love the flower!

picperfic said...

love the bit about the beads...I used to go under my table at work to collect the crystals that had fallen to the floor during the day...they only vacuumed them up if I left them! I had a fab time at the show too, but I didn't attend a workshop...:(