Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Defeat is imminant

I think I have to admit defeat about Thursday.
Socktopus is now going and I have filled my shopping cart so many times in recent days that its a foregone conclusion that I will be buying. Crystal Palace DPNs, Dream in Colour Smooshy, Chameleon Colurworks Evolution and Shelridge Farm Ultra look promising already.

All this is in the interest of Market Research of course, I need to test all sock yarns available and DPNs.
Back to casting on 187, yes 187, stitches for a sock! Its only the fourth time.

And for Daisie this is Sarah with her bag attachment.


picperfic said...

I can tell your will power will be wavering at the show, I wish you luck! Love the lime green bag too!

Jo said...

I have a very short shopping list, but I know all my money will be spent on the Habu stand. See you there!

daisie said...

Sarah is lovely: if you take her on Thursday I will look out for you (it will be a bizarre day for any other women carrying a similar bag!) my willpower has sent its apologies and can't be with me till next week so I will just have to take my back-up buddies - impulse and desire! :)

Piglottie said...

LOL Socktopus is tempting isn't it? Did you know she's doing a sock club? ;) I have some Crystal Palace dpns and they really are good. Have fun this weekend!