Monday, October 01, 2007

Sock it to me - September 2007

Broadripple in Yarn Yard 100% Organic Merino. I love this yarn and it was perfect for this pattern, it is thicker than 4 ply but so soft.

Seduction Socks in Yarn Yard Merino Tencel. Another very nice yarn which has a lovely sheen and would suit shawls and scarves as well.

A close up of the leg detail. As these socks are supposed to be for lounging they look very smart in this yarn.

Fyberspates 100% Alpaca Sock wool. The pattern is Helter Skelter which came with the yarn as part of the sock club. Through no fault of the yarn or the pattern I seriously disliked these socks. Not the knitting of them, that was easy. The first one was finished and I usually try them for size after the toes have been kitchenered. Couldn't get the first one on so I undid the 2.5" of Rib, not advisible. I then knit a rolled cuff on 3.25mm needles. Still they didn't fit.

So there could have been a pair of socks up for grabs!

They looked lovely blocking and I have now tried one on and it does fit although they are now in the present heap.


Jo said...

Great socks, especially the lounging ones they are very smart!

Piglottie said...

Gorgeous socks! I love them all, but especially the Fyberspates one - great colour.