Friday, October 26, 2007

Post photos galore!

My work phone rang yesterday and the following conversation was had.

  • The Boss aka Mr Yorkie: You have 4 bags of wool.
  • Innocent me: are you sure?
  • MY: Theres a Blue one, you've had one of those before. Theres one from Cambridge.
  • Me: Thats a Cardigan, it doesn't count.
  • MY: humph, theres one from Yorkshire.
  • Me: Thats a swap, still doesn't count.
  • MY: Oh hang on this last one from Australia isn't wool it says Yarn.
  • Me: See you later Alligator!

Exhibit A. in the Postal saga, posted 15/10 First Class in bonnie Scotland (but not the remote bit!). Yarn Yard Sock Yarn on Blue Jeans and Parfait, delicious. The Blue Jeans is because I thought it might be better to tone down my sock wear for work......not.

Exhibit B. posted 16/10 in Australia, slightly more South than Scotland! The Knittery Warm Pinks Cashmere Merino Sock yarn. This is lovely yarn and $5 for each skein sold will be donated to Breast Cancer organisations. I would have bought it regardless, you may have noticed I'm a sucker for Pinks.
Both arrived yesterday, so that's 11 days from Scotland and 10 from Australia. Is it a wonder Royal Mail are losing business.
Finally a package that was crammed with yarn I had swapped via Ravelry with Piglottie firstly the one I was expecting Sweet Georgia Speed Demon in Black Orchid which is impossible to photograph.

AND a very very nice surprise of Skein Queen Plushness in Foxglove.
This only took 3 days, not bad for 1st class.........what is the point in paying the extra nowadays.
Anyway the arrival of these packages has stopped me filling shopping carts across the net, at least for a few days.


Piglottie said...

Luscious yarn, especially the cashmere. Royal Mail - pah!

gilraen said...

Who is leading who astray? ;)

They are georgeous...........I would love a guided tour around your stash one day :)

Patti said...

Beautiful wool.

Well done on the choices. It is unfortunate isn't it when other halves are in when the post arrives?

Sussex Yorkie said...

I have to put my hand up to this one Gilraen, although I read about the Knittery on someone elses blog. Can't think whos!

Sussex Yorkie said...
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