Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Its a secret.

Its very difficult not discussing the project you are working on, especially if you like the yarn or pattern. I am in love with Hand Maiden Seasilk, but don't tell anybody.

My no concentration or some may say Strictly Come Dancing project is the My So Called Scarf which is almost there, may manage completion tonight. The yarn is much softer than I expected and the pattern, despite its simplicity, is very effective although the camera has trouble coping with the colour. It not quite as pink as it looks.

Now what to do with the other 13 skeins

I'm thinking this for some of the green.

Thanks for the sock size comments by some miracle I appear to have got the right size......time will tell.
The SIL bed sock wearer is in a lot less pain after the op but it will be a slow job. Her next op is to remove the socks, I am going to knit more in Pink which she never wears! That'll be a test.


Piglottie said...

I'm a Strictly fan too as you know :) and aren't the girls soooo much better than the boys?! I love your My So Called Scarf. I need to get the present knitting finished and start something for me :)

Jo said...

I'm a strictly fan too, although I love the girls I'm still rooting for Gethin from BP, love the scarf!

picperfic said...

I have some yarn that would be perfect for that scarf...I also could do with a 'strictly' project, although I have to say that so far I have managed to miss both weeks! I can't find your email to reply to you about the cardi, but it is still available if you're interested. picperfic at gmail dot com

YarnSnob said...

i too am a strickly fan :)...the girls will win, they are much better.....and THAT scarf is gorgeous, lovely colours. I love your choice of colours :)