Thursday, April 12, 2007

Its in the bag

Far too many pictures to bore you with them all in one go so here's the first installment.

My lovely mother, who did chose the Cowl that we all liked, is very handy with a sewing machine. So as I try to declutter this house of crafty bits (wool doesn't come under this banner). I took her some pieces of fabric and requested travelling knitting bags. Look what she produced, perfect for sock projects, that you may have noticed I have a few, they are also lined with the same fabric. They even stand up by themselves and have a loop to hang on desk drawer knobs!! I thought of putting these on eBAY. Good idea?

Coldspring Mill front and back. The brown back doors with the small step are the entrance to Aladdin's cave......more commonly advertised as the wool cellar. Bus 696 or 697 from Bradford Interchange station or Keighley Bus station. It looks so innocent.


gilraen said...

You would sell them in a flash! They are georgeous!!! :)

Did you get a pencil tin? :)

Sussex Yorkie said...

I did but don't tell anyone ;) Have also ordered some Amy Butler Fabric for more bags!

gilraen said...

Wicked! It is lovely jubbly! :)

Kirstie Chandler said...

I would love one of these and definitely can't copy them but I wonder if your mum would share her design with my mum? My mum does all of my sewing these days as 'it's too tricky to sew when I have to get out the machine with the children about'. I've only just discovered your blog. I'm from York and living in Brighton and yarn obsessed, so I guess we have quite a lot in common.

Sussex Yorkie said...

You would really need to know my mum for this answer. She only has a circle template for the base of the bag! It is a rough copy of an old toiletry bag.