Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Not alot to report on this week, work isn't good material! So I thought I'd record my current works in progress, not the ones that are buried in my work bag. Sock work has been slow but I have had an enjoyable time playing with lace. What socks I have started are patterns by the supremo Cookie A. Her patterns are so satisfying to knit and very clearly written.

Hedera ( this is the second, can't give too much away) in Posh Yarns sock Club yarn.
The lovely Ella in Lornas Laces Black Purl. I am almost up to where the shoulders divide.
A close up of the pattern.

Last but not least a pattern some of you may recognise, its one I have had on my pile for a while awaiting the right yarn as they appear to take more than most socks. Pomatomus in Lornas Laces Lakeview.

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dreamcatcher said...

Gorgeous colours, my favourite is Ella in Black Purl.