Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Picot Tops

Finally I have cast on a pair of socks for myself with some beautiful yarn from Piece of Beauty. The colourway I am using is Old School which is described as Magenta and Brown but is much more vivid and fine by me. It has a beautiful sheen and is lovely to knit with although as my husband says I'm knitting with cocktail sticks! 2.25mm instead of my usual 2.5mm. The Picot edge is almost perfect but for a first attempt I am happy with it.

Needless to say I still have numerous projects to finish......Twilleys cardigan, Kidsilk Haze Lace scarf, Louisa Harding gloves (SIL's christmas pressie-I think), Blue Sky Alpaca scarf and a huge stash.
Have just ordered some delicious pink sock yarn from The Yarn Yard £1 from every purchase is being donated to Breast Cancer Care so a good cause benefits aswell as me.
Trip to Kangaroo on Friday pending........but of course I won't be buying anything!
Despite promises I managed to knit very little during Strictly Come Dancing or Jane Eyre. What a fantastic Drama that has been, knitting at risk of water damage at times but then I am a softie, talking about Jane Eyre of course!

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