Friday, October 20, 2006

Not Buying -If you believe that.

Monsoon weather in Brighton and Lewes this morning which did mean we were the only personal shoppers in Kangaroo and as promised I did not buy anything, IF only that were true.

I was unable to resist the Handmaiden Rumple in Vintage and Silk Spun in Paris have tried to get the colours to show as vibrant as they are on the pictures.

I also took the opportunity to purchase some River John Birch knitting needles, having appreciated the benefits of Bamboo needles for years I like the new woods that are appearing. They are all well worth the investment.

My dear husband, whose birthday it is on Monday, drove us. I think more to try and control the spending although we did say that too much heckling from the seat in the corner could involve an increase in expenditure. Whilst sat on this "Naughty Chair" he did spot some Denises and asked if I might appreciate them for Christmas, does help having inquisitive husbands. Our 10 year old Nephew found it all too much and retreated to the hallway with his mother's Mobile phone after we promised Cake.

When we did return home the post arrived with even more long awaited goodies Cornelia Tuttle-Hamilton Noro Book 2 and Yarn Forward Magazine, plenty more projects.

Major Moan, despite most companies delivering speedy services I am still awaiting an order from Curious Yarns which I placed 25th September. I am trying to be patient and charitable but I do think it is getting near its end, there don't seem to be many more contact options as I have already sent numerous e-mails. So I just have to keep trying.

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