Saturday, October 07, 2006

WIP and Beetroot!

WIP a pair of plain socks for my sister for Christmas. The wool is from the Natural Dye Studio, very subdued colours for me! I have knitted a small Booga type Bag to put them in.

Today, however, I have been forced into knitting yet more plain black scarves in Sirdar Shimmer. They got me back into knitting last winter but I am now up to speed and would prefer to be knitting some socks for me and lots of warm cardigans/jackets for winter. Good job the sun is shining.

We have a delivery of Organic Vegetables once a fortnight from Riverford Organics which usually holds a challenging vegetable of some description. The comment yesterday was it looks like a Green Cauliflower but the inside is like the moons surface.......Husbands. That one will have to wait for another day. From the last delivery we had some Beetroot which I like, usually Pickled, but this morning I took up the challenge and we have Beetroot Cake cooling, will reveal the details tomorrow.

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