Saturday, December 08, 2007

Busy day in the Smoke

I travel to London for work 3 days a week, it used to be 5. So you can imagine that we don't like going up there on our days off. However if we have to we like to make a full day of it.

On Thursday we had our trip to the British Museum booked.

As it was for 16:30 it was dark outside, these pictures are of the outside of the Museum Reading Room which has been commandeered for the Exhibition. This is fabulous in itself especially when its lit up. If you get chance go, I can't show you any photos because cameras are banned but its well worth a visit.

Prior to this, even though it was precipitating heavily most of the time we fitted in a visit to Tate Modern to investigate the Crack in the Floor. That's art for you!

AND St Pancras International, yes, I know its a Station and therefore has trains. Its an occupational hazard. The place is unbelievable compared to what it had become in recent years.

Most importantly Europe's longest Champagne Bar on the upper level behind and beside the Tree. Doing a roaring trade, well we did have to rest our feet and it is Christmas.

Boy did these ache.

Have a good weekend.


picperfic said...

when I was on my way to Devon recently, I came across the new St Pancras Station...not that I needed the new one, I needed the underground! Posh innit? I might take Maisie to the museum, it looks interesting!

Piglottie said...

Great pictures! Glad you enjoyed the Terracotta Army, as we are due to visit in March. And I really want to see St Pancras too - love the Meeting Place :)