Friday, March 09, 2007

For Sale

I have finally been shamed into de-stashing, basically getting rid of the yarns that I thought I just had to have and now don't know what to do with. There's even some cashmere been prised from my mitts and you may notice that there are a couple of, shall we say, vibrant yarns. So a very willing party will be busy on Ebay this weekend, he thankfully has a friend who requires some training!
Finally, I was trying to refrain from starting on my new acquisitions until I had cleared a few older residents but a certain make shouted so loud from its box that I felt obliged to release it. STR January One pattern Central Air and the colour is more realistic in the close up. The yarn is living up to the recommendations but I think I will be waiting til Christmas for more.

1 comment:

gilraen said...

I love the look of the STR sock!! :) No wonder you couldn't resist! :)