Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sock it to Me - February 2007

I have had a few close shave this month, no doubt they are down to me. Despite this and the short month I managed a few socks.
2 Complete pairs which are the aforementioned Razorshell pattern in Colinette Jitterbug and Hipknits merino.
3 1/2 socks! To complete the pairs started in January. If you think the yellow is bright I have a pair of walking boots to match, don't know what possessed me.

Nearly forgot the late runner. In the yarn I was trying to save Posh Yarns Emily in Polka. The pattern is Lichen and yes these were my Waterloo, I did run out of yarn so had to use a very good match, Posh Yarns Sock Club yarn from November I think. These do look slightly mis-shaped but I only have a size 4 foot. They do fit honestly.

Totals 3 pairs and 3 1/2 socks.
Think March may be a little plain or just plain slow as I have cast on a pair of Baby Cable from SKS which I want to do but don't find the pattern very fast. Perhaps this is because I have been working with thicker wools for a month.

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gilraen said...

Lovely lovely socks. :)

And lots of them! I love the difference your YO makes in the top 2 socks :)