Sunday, February 25, 2007

Problem solved

You may recall my pattern problem of last Sunday. It was of course me not the pattern that was at fault so to prove I am not a total idiot here's the finished products. Both versions look good.

It is of course all to do with where you place the YO at the end of a needle, on the corkscrew pair I was carrying this across to the start of the next needle. Socks are knit in Hip Knits sock wool (don't know the colour) and Colinette Jitterbug Jay. The jitterbug is a lovely wool but its a close shave as to whether theres enough to finish a pair of socks. Its the second ball in, as you can see there was plenty of the Hip Knits wool leftover. The other ball is Posh Yarn Helena in Pirate, you'll see the results of that when I disclose February's count.

1 comment:

gilraen said...

Well done on solving the problem. The socks look fabulous. :)

I'm still looking to see how the STR works out for you :)