Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Huge Thanks and pretties

A huge thanks to Claire, the parcel arrived today and there was not only wool but Chocolates. They have been stashed in a dark corner of the fridge for Saturday night when I am home alone! So hopefully the Jaywalkers will be finished in the February quota.

I seem to be having a bit of a social life this fortnight, it does get in the way of the knitting though and is definitely not good for the diet. Last night I went out with friends straight from work, we ate at Masala Zone. Even my Asian friend thought the curry was hot! It was goan Prawn Curry as part of a Thali which is a tray with little pots of curry/dhal/rice etc. Something Masala Zone specialises in, their curries also appear to contain very little oil which is a blessing when you think of the number of Indian meals that have an oil slick floating on them. Perhaps we don't shop at the right takeaways.
Friday night I am eating out again, this time at a newish restaurant in Brighton Wokmania, have found both good and bad reviews of their other restaurants so I'll let you know.

Last but not least here's a preview of what greeted me on my return last night. They will be revealed in all their glory tomorrow, hint hint.

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Eclair said...

Remember to take the chocolate out of the fridge for at least a couple of hours before you eat it! It is fabulous stuff but even more so when it is not eaten chilly cold. And the texture is better too.

Looking forward to seeing the finished Jaywalkers!