Sunday, February 04, 2007

Posh Sale and "Posh" scarf.

Sophia lace in Fibber.
Lucky me. I was only looking for lace this week but the colours of this proved too irresistable.
Lucia in Serendipity.

I think I socked myself out a bit in January so started knitting Argosy, an early Christmas scarf! It is about 40 rows off being finished. Will do another as the pattern is easy, but in a few months time. Will be back on socks next.

Hand Maiden Silk Cashmere, the colours are a little deeper than the picture shows. Maybe one day I will read the Camera instruction book.

More socks to follow.


Annie said...

Your Argosy is looking good - those colours are gorgeous. I've done two now and will probably do more

gilraen said...

Beautiful choices from Dee there. We are slaves to yarn aren't we, or is it only me. :O

What STR colours did you order from Blue Moon? Go on tease me; ) :)

Sussex Yorkie said...

If I can remember I ordered Lagoon, January One and G Rocks and a couple of patterns.