Friday, February 02, 2007

Sock it to me! - January 2007

2 complete pairs.
4 1/2 single socks.

Yarn bought = enough for about 20 pairs......ooops must schedule more things for 1800 on a Sunday, I blame one woman for putting temptation in my way. Dee XX

Heres this years first update on my socks knit each month challenge. Despite dragging some of these lovely wools from my stash I have added more, have to knit faster.

Completed pairs. Monkey in Cherry Tree Hill Serengeti. Plain stocking stitch in Piece of Beauty Sea Bream.

Yarn Yard Pink Goth plain stocking stitch, Posh Yarn Jaywalkers and Posh Yarn Cable/Rib. the pink and cable rib had their other halves knit between Christmas and New Year.
And to prove my honesty, the final complete sock in Schoeller & Stahl Fortissima along with the Posh Yarn rib sock that I had to leave alone yesterday. Picture hasn't done either of the colourways justice.


natalie said...

You did all these in one month?
I am indeed in the presence of superknitter!

Anni said...

Beautiful socks.

Sussex Yorkie said...

Thanks for your comments, don't think I'll keep this up all year hence me not joining the sock a month challenge. Natalie, all you gorgeous wool is waiting for the right patterns, would hate to waste it.

Sharon said...

Mmm nice socks!! I'm planning on acsting on for my 2nd pair of 2007 this evening.