Friday, February 16, 2007

Bad Bad Girl

Socks that Rock order.
I can only apologise for leading anyone astray who reads this but I myself was influenced by Gilraen, in a nice way of course. So the colours are G Rocks, January One and Lagoon. I have also ordered these patterns. I don't like spending a fortune on wool and then doing a plain sock, sometimes you have to though because the colours would drown the pattern of course.

Hope you all have more willpower than me, or enjoy the yarn.


Heather said...

Great minds think alike! My Socks that Rock in Chapman Springs, Fire on the Mountain, and Sunstone arrived last week.

gilraen said...

Oh you did get hooked by STR then.

STR is so fabulous to knit with too, not just pretty to look at ;) :)

I'm looking forward to pictures of your socks soon too :)