Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Focus might help!

1 Jaywalker finished, see earlier post.
1 Jitterbug basic sock in Velvet Bilberry, finished.

AND the Hobbledehoy yarn from a few months ago was shouting very loud. Gorgeous yarn and the colours are just me. Thanks to Ravelry, told you it would be dangerous, I found this Diamond Lace pattern. This is how far I got on my train journeys today.

I get an awful lot of sock knitting done on the train, very portable especially with these. One currently holds the yarn for all the above and the current project on the needles along with various notions. I seem to have been noticed a bit recently, a lady sitting next to me the other week was fascinated with what I was doing and admitted she got stuck with Casting off. Yesterday what I would say was a teenager, but I am getting old, said she had trouble with 2 needles. Good job I was only using 3 at the time. Its certainly better than everyone sitting ignoring each other.

Another holds this. Mystery Stole 3 end of clue 2. I love the colour, thankfully, and the beads don't look that bad either. Its just not very photogenic.

So I really do need to get going and finish something. Its going to be a busy weekend.

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