Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pond Soup

I like green!
We had a surplus of Carrots this week so Carrot and Ginger soup but there was a bag of Spinach and some Curly Kale begging to be used, hey presto Pond Soup. I liked it.
Cakes all made and in the freezer in readiness for this (but don't hold it against me I'll be watching Les Miserables in London). The Chocolate and Beetroot and Banana Bread are Dairy Free and for a week in the Peak District with the intolerant one later this month.


picperfic said...

have you seen les mis before? It is my absolute favourite musical! I have seen it three times and would go again at tehd rop of a hat! I'd give up a visit to the Model Railway show for that anyday! Soup sounds delicious..I have just bought some earings in that shade of green ;^)

Piglottie said...

Thats a serious looking soup!!! Oooh, lots of nice things planned - Les Mis and the Peak District?! :)