Sunday, December 31, 2006


You may have noticed I have had a few minutes (or rather hours) on my hands and have upgraded this blog look. Do you get the feeling I like Green. Thankfully the ready made templates didn't come in pink. So if there is anyone out there what do you think?

Christmas has been very quiet in the Yorkie household, mainly due to the fact that a certain person started his night shift on 27th, always a gloomy time without it interferring with the festive season. Next year, of course it will start on Boxing Day! Think plans are afoot to de-camp to York for some part of that.

We were very lucky with presents only 1 that we didn't feel the need to keep and that is already in the recycling bin......does that sound too ungrateful. My sister very generously spends her year sourcing quality bargains for our presents and the rest of the time brewing for a huge hamper for us. Contents this year included Damson Gin, Damson Gin jam, Sloe Gin, are you sensing a trend here. Also included were Haribo, curry sauces, pasta and beers (not for me) one problem with not being in York is we miss out on the homemade digestives and truffles.

My knitting goodies included a Denise needle set, Hip Knits dye your own kit, knitting answers book and these lovely needles cases. Well on their way to being filled.

To give you some clues to my personality here are 2 items that may have you worried. The very impractical Kipling Bag, that I adore, is from my husband who thought it just me when he saw it! The slippers are from my parents and I think the pom poms say it all. I love bags and can always do with another one, colour is also a passion of mine. Quite awkward to dress conservatively for work. My favourite colour is purple although I do hide that fact behind, pink, green and chocolate brown. Sharp eyed readers may notice a box of Green and Blacks mini bars in the background, I don't eat alot of chocolate but if I do I like the good stuff. Books are another hobby especially cookery ones. Alan Titchmarsh is a hero as apart from being a Yorkshire man he helped save the garden where we live now from the 4 foot grass and Brambles we inherited. Gordon Ramsay, I just thought it would be interesting to see what drives someone to swear so much.......

The 22nd December surprise veg from our Riverford box, Celeriac! I am currently thinking of mash but I'm sure there are nicer things.

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