Saturday, December 09, 2006

That was the week that was

Finally I have got round to putting this weeks events on here.

This bag is not just any bag its the current disguise for my wool stash but things are to change after Christmas, we are going up market!
Still a 50p reusable bag from Sainsburys but a designer one, how posh is that?

On Wednesday we went up to London, just for a change, but this time to see The Sound of Music. I can honestly say I only saw about 3 of the How do you solve a problem like Maria programmes, think anymore would have cured me for life. The show is fabulous although we seemed to hit on pensioner day, we did have one with us too. We had perfect seats on the row which was backed by the sound desk in the stalls.
As Liberty is at the bottom of the street where the London Palladium is we had a good look round there which is a treat in itself, I was suprised to see how the wool has been shoe horned into a corner and I'm sure they used to do a bigger selection. A Gingerbread Latte finished off the day, delicious.

Friday was my final visit to the Physio for my back trouble and he has now discharged me with details of Pilates classes which just so happen to be moving to a Church Hall 2 minutes from home so I think that will be on the list for January.
Also Friday was the postponed Posh Yarns "One off Wednesday" sale, very convenient for me as I wouldn't have been able to make Wednesday. Dee put up details before the 17:00 kick-off and out of the 4 items I had on my list I managed to get 3. Think I now have enough yarn to keep me going through the siege, which one you ask. Theres bound to be one!

Also this week I have been quite busy, for me anyway, trying desperately to finish my Christmas knitting which needs transporting to York next Thursday. This is a project that I can only knit in certain places as it sheds everywhere although now its drying I think it may have been worth it. Its in Angel Yarns Silk which does take a bit of getting used to for tight knitters because it has a habit of breaking. Can't show too much but you get the general idea.

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