Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Progress photos

So here we are hatched from our nest, contemplating fledging(Springwatch again). 20 repeats, 181 rows completed AND 361 stitches. If I reach 30 repeats that will increase to 521! Each row is getting quite time consuming not to mention the stitchmarkers required, or perhaps I'm a little paranoid. Anyway I have visited Claire's accessories for the first time at the recommendation of Nickerjac to purchase some bargain markers, well OK they are for pony tails or something like but at £2 for 100 it's the right price.

This is the first project I have done in 2 ply and another first is joining a ball with spit, couldn't believe what I was reading first of all however it does seem to work, at least until blocking.

A couple of closer shots for you, the colour is not quite so orange but it is very hard to catch with a camera.


gilraen said...

It looks great :)

Thanks for the tip about claire's :)

Piglottie said...

Looking great. And another thank you for the tip re the bargain markers. I've used the spit slicing method (hehe, always makes me laugh!) and so far so good. I think it gives a good strong join. And you have my sympathies, those rows seem endless the further on you get :)