Friday, June 01, 2007

Sock it to me - May 2007

I finally got the Pomatomus finished, Although the pattern is very well written for some strange reason the second sock was a bit of an effort but I don't give up. On the leg of one sock the colours came out in a broad stripe whereas the other the pooled in a zigzag fashion. These two photos should show the contrasts. Anyway its another pattern off the list.

Just to keep the numbers going I did these two which are the Fybrespates basic sock pattern on 3mm needles. I could almost knit a sock a day, they were so fast, there will be many more of these.

Posh Emily in colour Yodel and Fybrespates BFL which was my sock club offering for April, very soft and lustrous.


Piglottie said...

Love the Potamus ;) great colour, but interesting to see how they came out so differently - were they two different skeins or the same ball?

Sussex Yorkie said...

2 seperate skeins, thankfully the difference won't matter unless anyone wishes to get that close to my feet!

dreamcatcher said...

Such lovely colours, nice to see the Yodel knitted up as socks, it's what I did my FC shawl in :-)

Anonymous said...

ooohh! can you send me a pic, so I can put them in the gallery on the blog!! they are fabulous!
jeni fyberspates