Tuesday, January 08, 2008

BAFAB or Buy a Friend a Book

I am always pleased to see someone with a book, especially Children.
Can't say I have a proven formula for choosing good reads, it could be the title, the Cover or possibly the price! Certain people offer good encouragement. The main thing is I have to have a house full of them, its a comfort thing. Cookery, Gardening, Knitting, Crochet, Card making, Travel, Thrillers, Historic, Humour etc. we have a fair selection. One thing I do do is pass them on when read so someone else can have the pleasure that reading gives as well.

So for the first time I am officially joining in with offering a book for Buy a Friend a Book Week. Leave a comment on this post by midnight on Saturday 12th Jan if you wish to be included in the draw. I will endeavour to choose a suitable book for your enjoyment.


RooKnits said...

I love seeing children with books and I always buy books for Birthday presents for the growing number of children in my group of close friends... usually they are ones I remember from my childhood, esp Shirley Hughes or Roald Dahl. I am also completely addicted to books, although I realised the other day I haven't read a fiction book for ages now.. must be too much knitting!

natalie said...

I know what you mean Roo, my bedside table is full of knitting books too.

Terry Pratchett's Diggers series is fun for middle sized children (and big forty somethings as well).

Maybe I need a new resolution... one work of fiction per month. Hmmmmmm.


Jo said...

Can I please be entered into the drawing!

gautami tripathy said...

Hey, consider me in for a book drawing.

I got here from the BAFAB page.

isabella mori said...

a book! a book! i'll have another one, even though i already have one! (or 12,000)

funny how even the WORD book still gets me excited, after all these years.

Karen said...

Please pop my name in the hat! (Love the mug pictured below).

Rosie said...

Hello, I've found your blog via Ambermoggie's and would love to enter your draw.

Meantime, hope the tooth situation is settling down, my poor stepdaughter lost her 2 front teeth earlier this year and lived on a diet of potato croquettes and grated cheese for a while.