Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A success I think

Montego Bay is finished and I feel the need to show a few photos to try and do both the yarn and pattern justice.
I did wonder if the laciness of this pattern was me but as you can see it makes quite an un-lacy scarf also. The pattern makes it very stretchy so its surprisingly easy to mould and didn't require blocking.

The yarn is lovely, I have already said it is "cool" to knit with which I know Natalie wanted me to explain.........I know what I mean but its hard to describe. I often find when knitting with wool wool that my hands get very hot and breaks are required (sweaty palms some less polite would say), the Bamboo in this mean this is not the case and also mean that its not too warm a scarf for everyday wear. I have mentioned cotton string but that doesn't do the yarn justice.
Try it you'll like it.

Excuse the Double chin, very difficult photographing ones own neck!

I am feeling the need for a challenge, my enthusiasm for socks and scarves is on the wane. I think theres enough in stock.

So, what next, any suggestions?


Queen of the froggers said...

That does look great and as you say not too lacy for the non-lacy people! How about fair isle next?

natalie said...

Fair isle gift bags!

Little bags (or bigger ones) which can be circulated around family members with a wee notebook to travel with it. The book contains the "History of the Bag", so that each recipient can read what was in it on every "round".
You could use all the sock knitting patterns, slip stitching, fairisle, etc. It's like doing a big swatch but you get a bag at the end. The one on my blog took one evening and 16g of leftover yarn.

It's green and eco friendly too... no more gift-wrapping paper!

Monkee Maker said...

Ooh ooh - how about a monkey??


(beautiful scarf, btw)

Bigsock said...

Time to try Karendipity? I have the pattern, I need to dye some yarn ready and I'm not sure wether to do a trial run with colourwork on endpaper mitts!

Jo said...

Just realised I was logged in as Bigsock not freestylefibre...Bigsock is a record breaking sock I cast on in Oct 06, it's in Canada at the moment! I am going to have a go at endpaper mitts in some rubbishy 4 ply I've got lying around, just to see how I get on with colourwork!

dreamcatcher said...

Love your Montego bay scarf, it looks particularly yummy in the last photo :-)