Wednesday, January 09, 2008


This is slightly long but I hope you'll find it amusing.

Monday as you may have already have read was interesting. Just to give you an idea of the pace of it!

Depart Brighton with lunch 05:49
Arrive St Pancras 07:16 (ish!)

Walk to office via Tesco, Purchase SOFT (and this is important) Bagel.
Arrive office around 07:30.

Take first bite of Bagel. Curse aforementioned supermarket because I think theres something hard in SOFT bagel. There was, my front tooth broken off to the gum. One of the 2 middle top teeth that show everytime you breath virtually.

Dentist not open til 09:00.
Finally get through and they offer 14:00 appointment.
Endure numerous comments about Shane McGowan etc and have lots of visits from people wanting smiles and funny looks from those who have to speak to me.
Distribute Apples as impossible to eat.

Depart Office with Lunch 11:20.
Depart St Pancras 11:40
Arrive Brighton 12:54.
Catch Bus home.
Arrive Home 13:30.

Shovel (you never know when your next meal may be after dentist appointment) part of my well travelled lunch in.
Clean Teeth.
Depart for Dentist 13:50.

Arrive Dentists, make receptionist smile (can't imagine why).
Enter Dentists room, smile.
Oh is the comment here.

Depart 14:30 with fake tooth and astronomical quote for full crown.

I am currently existing on rice, mashed potatoes and jam sandwiches cubed!

That's wool buying curtailed for the year..........but you can't live without your front tooth.


Monkee Maker said...

Oooh, poor you! You're right, it is difficult to talk, smile or even breathe without showing your gnashers!

Good luck with it - and I hope it won't break the bank balance too much ....


picperfic said...

you poor thing! I do remember laughing when my Dad smiled at me after he broke his tooth! He knew he looked comical, it is a very fond memory I have of him actually lol! Sorry about the yarn thing though, but I bet you have plenty to play with already without buying more? Perhaps we should have a whip round for you?

sandra said...

Por thing, you must be worn out with that early start and dentist stress.You have my sympathy.I can't find a reliable dentist in my part of France.Here's hoping I don't need one soon.
Make yourself a cuppa and settle down to some theraputic knitting.

Queen of the froggers said...

OMG! Poor you. My husband has a top bridge after losing all those front teeth years ago in a BMX accident. It cost the earth to do properly and it has started to come loose. We are saving!!!

Tracy at said...

What a dreadful day! I've had three crowns myself, and there's a permanent dent in my pocketbook because of it. Dental treatments should all be free so that we can spend all our money on yarn!

Piglottie said...

Ouch, ouch and treble ouch!!! Sue the supermarket!!!