Saturday, February 23, 2008


From Stash in Putney.

Dream in Colour Smooshy, In Vino Veritas. Hand Maiden Casbah, Fruit Punch. As you can see I have 1 project in mind, the Casbah was just too rich a colour to leave behind.

This morning we have been out for breakfast, you have to when you've run out of bread, don't you? With Mothers Day in mind we ventured into our local book seller, bad, bad, extremely bad idea.

This is the Pressie book, notice the sticker? BOGOF

Not one to refuse an offer like that I bought these for me! I am as dangerous in book shops as I am in yarn shops.

I am frantically trying to finish 3 pairs of socks before Natalie updates her shop next week. Will definitely be knitting a few pairs of these.

Enjoy your weekend.
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Mrs J said...

Pretty colours.... I want to touch it though! I know what you mean about bookshops but Amazon is worse -always temptation is just a click away!

Queen of the froggers said...

I love those mitts too, look forward to the colours Natalie will do!

Anonymous said...

I have a weakness for books also. Thank you so much for the beautiful scarf. Unfortunately, nobody signed up to receive a package from me, but I've reminded people to do so on today's blog post. I loved the package. It truly brightened my day. -Tricia

Probably Jane said...

I'm very glad you like the mitts - I hope you enjoy knitting them.