Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It'll all become clear

When we've departed.
This weekend we were in York where it was frosty mornings but very bright and sunny. On Sunday we decided a trip to Whitby was on the cards, good for photography, lots of nice coves along that part of the Yorkshire coast. However the weather had different ideas. The drive over the North York Moors was glorious, they were even burning off some of the heather. Then we saw Whitby Abbey in the distance, or the top of it poking through mist, very artistic but I think you would have needed a stronger lens than even my photographer has. We should have turned back then. Once we had found a parking space, no mean feat but it was free! We walked down past the Captain Cook monument to the harbour where this was the best picture we could get!
You couldn't see one side of the Harbour from the other. To make it worse the place was, not unusually, packed and there were queues at all the open eateries so we decided to push on further north to Sandsend and Staithes. Needless to say the above photograph is all we managed, once you approached all these places you could see the mist just peeping above the surrounding fields then you dropped down into it. So all in all a wasted journey photograph wise but the air was a bit fresher than that in a big city.

The weekend wasn't completely wasted we managed a very nice brunch in Bettys and my hair is slightly more respectable. Its always worrying when your hairdresser says "hasn't it grown"!

And the Moss Stitch Cushion, well that lovely Mummy of mine came up trumps.

Poor thing is somewhat bemused, and a tad disgusted, by her first Appraisal form, you don't expect one of these at the age of 70! So would I be.


sandra said...

But how atmospheric it looks in the photo! Shame you didn't have sunshine though.

gilraen said...

What a fabulous photograph!! I reminds me of the Hammer House films :)

The Evolution sock pattern is very simple. I CO 56 stitches 3mm needles and knit in 2X2 rib. When I am ready to do the heel flap I divide the stitches in 2 and make sure that there is a knit stitch (RS) on each side of the flap and knit in 2X2 rib (the first stitch on each side is slipped) When the flap is long enough I knit (RS) one row (Sl1, knit all) then turn
(Sl1, p14, P2tog, p1) turn
(Sl1, K4, SSK, K1) and turn,
(Sl1, P5, P2tog, P1) turn etc
finish in this way until you are at the end of the row, you should now be on the end of the RS and ready to pick up the flap edges. I use Grumperinas 'pretty' method of twisting the knitted stitch for 2 rows before reducing stitch counts.
I then do alternate rows of K to last 3 stitches, K2tog, K1/Rib 28stitches, K1, SSK, Kto rib stitches. I find this gives a nice edge. You should have 28 stitches (ribbed) and 28 stitches plain Stocking stitch. If you use DPNS you will be knitting 2X2 rib on 2 needles, or using stitchmarkers and knitting 2X2 over the 28 stitches not part of the heel/gusset/sole. I continue to do this until I reach the toes and then reduce using alternate decreases (K2tog, K1/K1, SSK) at each edge of the toes. I have long narrow feet so if your feet need a different toe do that instead. :)

If this doesn't make sense let me know. :)

Monkee Maker said...

Ooh, I love the moss stitch cushion - thanks for the idea to you and your Mum!

We had a foggy couple of days in Tenby too; it's nice to just get away anyway, isn't it?


ps. Thanks for the linkage about my raffle

dreamcatcher said...

The foggy photo is very atmospheric, quite Dracula-esque! The cushion cover looks most excellent :-)