Friday, February 15, 2008


Look what lurks in my button tin.

Not a very active life in The Brownies although I did make Sixer! Gardening, Animals and Collecting.

Girl Guides however was a different matter and still I was 1 badge off queens Guide. Think I'd lost interest by the age of 16.

Some of these I haven't a clue about but strangely I do recognise:
Basket Making.
Housekeeping, someone had me doing their ironing for that!
Childcare, yep I was babysitting regularly.
Cooking-how that popcorn filled the kitchen.
Map Reading.
Camping-never again (the memories of burnt Rice puddings linger still).
First Aid.
Collecting again.
I could guess at Sewing and Flower Arranging
One looks like Fire Making but I think I would have remembered that.
I'm sure I have a Guide Handbook somewhere.

Don't tell anyone but I think we were supposed to return these badges......they should have forgotten by now.
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Queen of the froggers said...

I loved Brownies, I think that I was an Elf, is that an elf? I hated guides though, they weren't so nice!!

Jo said...

I was a Sprite in the Brownies, and a Primrose or a Bluebell in the Guides, I had quite a few badges but lost interest at 15!Wish I still had my badges, I'd be sewing them to a special knitting bag!

Probably Jane said...

Fine collection of badges!

I was an Imp in the Brownies and a Swallow in the guides. We did a lot of camping but not much badging as far as I remember - I think I got one badge in the guides for making pickled onions (which I consider an essential life skill!)

Littlelou said...

Im sure my badges are still secreted somewhere..must phone my mum and get her to check her sewing box..thats where I saw them last...about 18 years ago!!!

Littlelou said...

Just recalled I was a Ghillie-Dhu in Brownies and a Swallow in Guides. You've brought back so many memories..thanks

gilraen said...

I remember that laundry one!! I was a Brownie, I don't remember what as though. I was in Merlins in the guides then, a Young Leader and then a Ranger Guide. I loved them. I later went on to be a Beaver Scout Leader.

Those were the innocent days.............but I didn't do a knitting badge, did you?

Anonymous said...

its great to see all our badges, they are yours to keep you don't have to give them back!

Its a shame you didn't make queens guide, but i remember doing some of these badges as well!

Some are worth quite a bit of money these days checke out ebay and see if you have any. I miss being a guide but still have lots of fun being a guider!