Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gift Bag

Leftovers from the Chevron Scarf

The colours didn't do much for the pattern so the next bags will be plain.

Slight hiccup on the focusing front.

Finally making progress on the first Socktopus Sock Club offering, Karenina by Jane Lithgow.

Then I fancied trying Toe-Up again, glutton for punishment I know.

First Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop in Mustang Sally. Then Posh Yarn Helena in Crisp on my favourite Lantern Moon Ebony Sox Stix.

Both of these are Beaded Rib, this pattern has excellent short row instructions.


gilraen said...

Oh the Socktopus socks!! Your's look lovely. :) I'm working up courage to start ;)

I love the toeup socks, they look so warm in that colour :) And the Beaded Rib I will have to add to my Ravelry queue :)

Thanks :)

Probably Jane said...

Haha! You've got nearly as many on the needles as me!

Gorgeous yarns and socks - think I might have seen the purple ones somewhere before....

Mrs J said...

Cute knits!I think I need good short row instructions!

Liz said...

I love the bag, very Valentines!

I have added you as a link, hope it's ok. I'm having a blogoversary competition, so come on over and visit!