Friday, February 22, 2008

Walk to Work

Not exactly from Brighton but these are a few views from my journey from St Pancras International Station to the Office.

So from top left we have the departure board at St Pancras with Eurostar departures displayed, it was tempting. This has a wobble, sorry, I was running late.
Two side views of the outside of St Pancras which I think is a fantastic building.
The additional modern structure from where I emerge everyday into a building site which is Kings Cross side entrance.
A view down platform 8 at Kings Cross towards the concourse.
The "Lighthouse" at the junction of Pentonville Road and Grays Inn Road.
A wall of words which is a feature of the new Regent Quarter, this is part of the Kings Cross regeneration project. Believe me my walk has improved noticeably in the last 13 years.
A famous Italian Deli which stocks everything but has retained its original facade, behind the metal gates are paper bags full of baguettes. If I had photographed the opposite way you would have had a lovely view of Tesco Metro which will no doubt put this lovely shop and others out of business.


I pass platform 9 3/4 every day, usually a little busier with photographers than this.

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Probably Jane said...

I walked past St Pancras this morning too!

dreamcatcher said...

Thanks for the peek into your journey, some amazing buildings there. I hope that deli stays in business, goodness but we need that far more than T Metro! Great to see Platform 9 and three quarters too, I love how they have immortalised it :-)

Monkee Maker said...

Ooh, a fabulous collage! Hurrah for Picasa!

The picture of Platform 9 3/4 is great too.