Monday, January 22, 2007

Posh Yarns Sale

I went I bought, but can I remember what I bought, NO. What a surprise it will be when the postlady arrives, Hopefully she will arrive. I can't believe how fast the yarn goes, I tried to prioritise my list but the item I thought least likely to go went while I was attempting to secure some cashmere. Ho Hum, might have to look next week if I didn't get much.......I can just see my plastic being confiscated as we speak.

Think I may have been lucky enough to bag these, the one that got away was this.

What a lovely job Dee has, hectic I'm sure but very satisfying, hope she didn't mind be borrowing some pictures.

1 comment:

gilraen said...

Oh very nice, and since you didn't buy the ones I wanted I won't hold back approval on your new aquisitions. Lovely jubbly yarns and colours :)