Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Home on the Range

I went "home" for the weekend, to get my hair cut. Despite everyone thinking York is the frozen North the weather was very bright but just a bit chilly. I took my camera with me but only managed to take pictures of the Rose Window of York Minster looking from Minster Gates. Hopefully you can see the bright blue sky. York is very photogenic and I have in the past taken many pictures, but often forget I am carrying a camera or the crowds are too big and tall. We are a family of minimum height!
Returned home on Sunday prepared for the journey involved. Car, train, bus(very slow and late for next leg), train, RUN, tube, train and finally car. I am not athletic in build or mind and the run was more a fast walk but I managed to get train to train in 15 Min's, across London. I did not, however, have time to get a cup of tea!
The extended journey was very useful for knitting as I did not have to feel guilty for leaving dusting, ironing or any other housework. So I got alot of this knit.

I am quite late into sock knitting so am behind the hoards of people who have already knit Jaywalkers, the wool is Posh Yarns Sock club October offering that I'm glad I saved for this as the pattern really brings out the colours. The yarn in skein form doesn't look to have quite so much variegation. Its also the first time I have done a Sl1, K1 heel flap which I am very impressed with.
Waiting for me when I got back was a parcel from both Posh Yarns and Hipknits and I was also in time for the Posh Yarn sale. Blissful evening once my dear husband had been dispatched to work.

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