Saturday, January 06, 2007

Put your feet up

And enjoy. Dr Stuarts Teas, all are lovely EXCEPT Liver Detox. Who knows whats in that one, mine went down the sink after one sip. Hopefully my Liver will still be ok. Their new packaging is brilliant aswell, one very clever designer they have. On the "turntable" is Madeleine Peyroux who is a bit jazzy and I am reliably informed used to busk on the streets of Paris. Highly recommended.

So as predicted i have missed a couple of days blogging, work does interfere with life. I made the first of my Pilates classes on Thursday night in my M&S "Long" bargain joggers. The Long bit wasn't as much a problem as I feared being only 5'3", but I have now turned the hem up which will have to do until I see the expert in 3 weeks. At £5 I thought them a much better bet then £19.50, Yorkishire standards you understand.

I have finished my pair of Yarn Yard Pink Goth socks, I'm sure my 2 circular skills will improve and I have found some tips on alternative heel flap methods to counteract the holes that sometimes appear on pick up. So now I have cast on the second of my Posh Yarn socks but got distracted when I tidied my stash. So to reduce the volume I am quickly knitting up one of the the Schaeffer Elaine yarns I got at Harrogate into a zigzag scarf from Magknits. The yarn may be a bit too textured but I don't think its turning out too bad. Could well be the start of Christmas 2007 knits.

Finally, look what the postlasdy brought, hours of entertainment.
From the Yarn Yard, Top Left, Januarys charity yarn Bright Red. A delicious pink and soft green mix "Opal Fruits" and a set of Boye DPNS in glorious purple. Next the Posh Yarn January Sock club offering in icy purple, green, blue, pink and white. Then the OOW lot, again from Posh Yarn, 1 hank of aran in "Pines" a lambswool/angora/cashmere sock wool in a lovely pink mix and finally 2 hanks of lace in a soft sage. I am determined to try lace this year so that may well be the way some of my sock yarn goes aswell. Peeping through is the Mason Dixon book, I am sure some projects will spring from this.

Carrot and ginger soup for lunch and Goan Chicken Curry for dinner, started cooking these at 6 this morning. You will be pleased to know I am a morning person!


Annie said...

That scarf looks lovely - the colours work very well in that pattern.
PS - hope you don't mind, but I've tagged you for the 6 weird things meme. Thought I needed some local support!
See my blog for details

Stacy Z said...

Hi I come over from Dee's blog- so you were the one that got that Emily sock yarn!! LOL I missed it by a tenth of a second :) Love all the yarn and cannot wait to read more.

Valeie said...

I got the other skein of Emily sock yarn in the pink colour, Cariad. Let us know what you end up making with it. I would love to know and compare, especially since as far as I know we're the only two people with this exact yarn! I haven't decided whether to make socks, fingerless gloves or maybe even the Flower Basket lace shawl, the smallest version of which only takes one skein of sock yarn.