Sunday, January 21, 2007

Reasons as if any were needed

The reason I started this blog was more for my own record, as I like taking pictures and thought it would be nice to record these things somewhere. Hence there are usually one or two pictures in each entry, just wish I could work out how to display them better. Its either down to Blogger or me, know where my money would be. My love of colour and all things unecessary, as we already have millions of mugs (or so I'm told by the ever practical one) is shown above. I love Emma Bridgewater pottery and this very smart mug was a Christmas present, along with another the same and a fabulous Hot Chocolate pot. Very impractical but I am a Magpie where colours are concerned, don't necessarily like the glitttery things! The mug is lovely and holds a fair bit of tea.
I toned the colours down for the next picture but you can see the 2 socks I am knitting.
Finally my work stations, well when I say work, I do mean knitting. I have a choice! Can you see now why I had to have my lovely Chocolate Brown knitting bag. My excuse and I am sticking to it.

Enjoy whats left of the weekend.

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gilraen said...

I have the exact same lamp in my sitting room, great for reading and knitting :)