Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Debbie Bliss concerns

This has just arrived, despite leaving Get Knitted on the 8th.

Apart from not needing anymore yarn this is drawing me to it. BUT and there are huge buts here. I can do cables, very neat cables, very TIGHT cables. Therefore any cabled item I have knit on a large scale usually fits a teenager, not me. Debbie Bliss has also seen fit to make the largest size not very large so I can compensate for this.

However since my last cable fiasco I have had both my Carpal Tunnels released, do you think this may help or was it probably the cabling that caused it, that and clearing a scrubland that is now our garden!

I'll keep studying it and knitting socks. I do like a challenge.

This is my last ramblings of the week, we have a Yorkie invasion tonight, and the rest of the week will be spent sipping some Red, White or perhaps Rose liquid as well as eating too much.
Have a nice weekend one and all.


Piglottie said...

Yeah for Yorkie invasions :)

I had both my carpal tunnels released in January, and haven't tackled much apart from socks. I have been doing a cable sock which seems to have been OK. My wrists still tire/play up when I do too much, so maybe you should try a smaller cable pattern first and see how you go? What about a nice cable hat?

The pattern is gorgeous though, but I have DB concerns for other reasons - knots in yarn, pilling and splitting yarn :(

dreamcatcher said...

I bought the three new DB books, my favourite by quite a way is the Luxury Collection. The cover jacket will be mine! I honestly can't proffer advice on cables, hope they work out for you though!

gilraen said...

I love Romy!!!!! And I agree with Dreamcatcher that ALEX jacket is to dye for!!!! I love your new Helena colours!!!!! I'm glad you got them ;) I can't afford all that I want!!! :)