Friday, August 03, 2007

We tried

Went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last night.

30 minutes of adverts.

People eating their dinner in the cinema, what makes them do it? Can you tell I'm not impressed.

Approximately 1 hour of the film before the POWER was good what we saw!

On the knitting front I have been a bit flighty.

Mystery Stole3 to the end of clue4.

Knit 2 Together Luxe Neckwarmer in Hipknits Chunky Cashmere. Very, Very fast knit even in 70 degree heat!


Piglottie said...

You have my sympathies! I hate people making a noise in the cinema - a couple once sat behind us and had 2 carrier bags full of food which they proceeded to eat (3 course meal I reckon) very noisily all the way through the film. I often say to MrP that I want a cinema where noise and adverts are banned :) Hope you get to see it again though as it is a great film.

Knitting is looking delicious! I love the colour of the Hipknits yarn and your MS3 is growing very nicely :)

gilraen said...

I saw it too yesterday, but had a different experience. People ate popcorn, but very quietly, no one talked, there was some laughter yes, but only at the right places. And 30 people in a 300 person cinema. I was so glad I waited until now to see it :)

Will you get to see it again due to the power cut?

I love your stole and scarf, they are both lovely :)