Saturday, November 18, 2006

Cake Day - Yes I was there

Although only briefly. SIL had a child to retrieve.
The Angel building is very unassuming but like an alladins cave once you enter. Thankfully the yarns are stored in Cardboard boxes, most of which are above my head height! However my usefully tall SIL reached the Jojoland Cashmere sock wool for me and then reminded me of her January birthday and the fact that she liked the same colour as the one I was buyuing. This is a most unusual happening as she likes Blue and I go for Green and she most definitely does not like pink. See the very nice pinky/lilac mix I bought in the picture! Having a fellow knitter in the family is dangerous because you use their presents as an excuse to increase your own stash....oops secrets out. I also bought 2 skeins of Angel Silk again in lilacy/blue shades to be knitted into a scarf for a present, if time permits. Had a huge list which I didn't manage to dig out of my bag, leaves some possibilities for Harrogate.

The Eyelash scarf brigade have resurfaced and require yet another Black scarf, so I had to make a detour via C and H fabrics for that "yarn".

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